Company History

Özgüneşler was established in 1987 in Uşak with an objective to sell pickle, wet blue sheepskins and goat crust with an ultimate satisfaction of customer to gain the preference by providing high standard quality.

Özgüneşler has proved itself and became an authority in leather sector by increasing its quality and capacity in the course of time.

Özgüneşler has one tannery in Turkey and one in Azerbaijan. Having begun with pickle skin production in 1991, our company has reached a daily process capacity of 10.000 pcs of sheep skins, 5000 pcs of wet-blue sheep skins and 3000 pcs of goat crust in a facility area of 15000 m2 in Turkey.

At the present the production capacity in Azerbaijan is 6000 pcs of pickle sheep skins and 3000 of wet blue sheep skins in a facility area of 16000 m2.

In 2002 Özgüneşler moved to Menemen Leather Free Trade Zone and became one of the biggest importers and exporters of skin products in Turkey. We supply skins from our tanneries in Turkey and Azerbaijan and deliver to our customers from our Izmir warehouse.

Our production is managed by well-trained personals, maintaining the strict quality control standards at all stages of production till the packing to meet international standards and customer satisfaction.

We are pleased to serve your order as per buys specification as well within short time delivery.